Most Popular (6 or 12 pints)

Most Popular (6 or 12 pints)

Available in 6-pack (1 pint of each flavor) or 12-pack (2 pints of each flavor)

Roasted Coconut Makrut - We're coconut freaks here at High Road. This ice cream is built upon a foundation of coconut caramel, sweetened coconut milk, and fresh cream. We then steep galangal and makrut lime leaf overnight before spinning the ice cream. When the ice cream is near completion, we fold in generous handfuls of oven-roasted coconut. Then, we close our eyes, and pretend we're at a coastal resort in Thailand. It works.

Bourbon Burnt Sugar - This is the ice cream that put High Road on the map. Originally crafted for aLe Dames Escoffier event at the glorious Serenbe Farms in Georgia, this crème brulée inspired ice cream has become the pride of the company. We're proud to use Muddy Pond Sorghum, and Nielsen Massey Madagascar Vanilla in this sofi™ Silver award-winning creation.

Brown Butter Praline - The term "brown butter" seems to be popping up everywhere these days, but the technique has been around for as long as we've known butter. The French call it beurre noisette, noting its similarity to the aroma of freshly roasted hazelnuts. We blend it into a slow cooked cream caramel and ribbon it into our sweet cream ice cream while we "make it rain" with sugar roasted praline pecans.

Pistachio Honey Ricotta - largely referred to by the High Road crew as the BEST. ICE CREAM. EVER. You should try it. Our own pistachio paste. Atlanta Honey Company Wildflower Honey. Sugared Ricotta. Mmm-hmm.

Vanilla Fleur de Sel - Crème Anglaise serves as the base for this best-in-class vanilla ice cream. We're big fans of French-style custards, and use a serious blend of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla and our in-house Barrel-Aged Vanilla -- with just enough fleur de sel to make this our top-selling product among chefs nationwide.

Aztec Chocolate and Caramel - First released in 2010, this flavor remains a top seller among chefs, and is a monster-seller in Texas. The punch of fresh chiles, the perfume of cinnamon, the roasty-toasty notes of almonds, and our own cajeta-inspired caramel make what we believe is the "hottest" chocolate ice cream on the planet. It'll only burn if you let it.

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