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Our beginnings were humble, manufacturing and operating out of a small kitchen just outside Atlanta, delivering by day and producing by night. It was scrappy, exhilarating, stressful, daunting, exciting and so much more – and it worked beautifully. To this day, while our business has evolved and matured, our commitment remains the same.

Craft is at our core. Ice cream is an inspiring and challenging medium – flexible in its flavor and pairings while complex in its composition and structure. By learning and honoring traditional culinary approaches, we respect time-tested recipes while creating our own chef-meets-science approach to our products. Creating a high integrity and quality ice cream requires a relentless focus that is difficult for the time-strapped pastry chef to devote.


That is why we do what we do.

Our business today is supported by food distributors, chefs, brokers, retailers, restaurants, hospitality groups and consumers across the country. Without these partnerships, we would not be here. Our continued success is grounded in the support and wellbeing of our partners and our team.

We are grateful for our progress. To be a part of a place that helps support the livelihood of others is what we are most proud of. We believe business exists to lift up those who participate in the daily grind. The chance to observe, contribute and celebrate that every day is why we wake up every morning…and to make damn good food to be shared.

We look forward to serving you.


As we’ve grown over the last eight years, we’ve seen our facility go from a small kitchen to a 75,000-sq. ft. manufacturing facility. Today, our plant includes continuous lines, homogenizers, batch freezers, mix tanks, a commercial kitchen and more.


We proudly maintain an SQF Level-III manufacturing facility.

It is a rigorous standard that requires time, commitment and attention on a daily basis. Supported by in-house quality assurance and stewardship teams, our SQF Level-III designation demonstrates our dedication to the highest standard of quality and food safety.


As the building blocks of our products, we are highly discerning when it comes to choosing the ingredients that we use.


Without well-sourced ingredients that enhance flavor, nutrition, taste and texture, the integrity and quality of our products would not remain intact.

We focus as much on the “who” as the “what” in our sourcing decisions. Whether its blueberries sourced from farmers in our state, to vanilla directly-sourced from people we know and respect in Tanzania, we believe that a connection to the people behind the ingredients is as important as the ingredient itself.

commissary kitchen

In order to make great ice cream, one must have an intimate knowledge of each and every component that makes its way into any given batch – down to the moisture content of the chocolate fudge, brittleness of the cookie chunk, or the viscosity of the dulce de leche.

Making products in house gives us control over the quality of each ingredient we use.


Our flavorings, inclusions, mixes and variegates are made by team of in-house chefs who deeply understand both the taste and science of food. Their commitment and passion are felt through their creations – fine-tuned every day in the pursuit of perfection.


For us, process is not a set of instructions or tasks, it is a philosophy. It is a study of how things interact, meld, combine or separate when put through a series of actions. With repetition, one comes to understand the nuance and intricacies of each little adjustment. The result: a book of knowledge and work that underscores expertise in one’s craft.

We take our formulations, recipes and processes seriously.

Our mix is based on the traditional French pastry technique, Crème Anglaise, which yields a decadent base. We vat pasteurize low-and-slow to accentuate flavor and nutritional profiles. We homogenize our mix and age for up to 24 hours to create the ideal texture.


Low overrun and 16.5% butterfat is our preferred sweet spot.