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It's on.

by 116251309 |

Since Mad Deliciousand the subsequent brain-lock I experienced, I haven't written much more than emails - copy for High Road Ice Cream sales presentations - or Slack interactions with the team here at the ice cream company. Even my Mother hasn't heard enough from me. I haven't served-up anything of substance for you. So, I'm back. I'll be overly technical at times, cheeky to the point of being off-putting, and vocal enough to antagonize, even alienate. I'm infuriated by the direction of our country, irritated by the state of the food world, rattled by the aims of industry, and agitated enough to pursue an anti-career in politics. After 43 years of life, thousands of hours in kitchens, and footsteps and gin-tinged memories from around the world, there are some words bottled-up. I'll leave them here. All I want to do on this earth is walk, help, cook, compete, and honor the good stuff - whatever that means and wherever that takes me. I hope you join me from time to time. -Keith  

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