CBS46 Atlanta Gets Walloped!

Posted by Nicki Schroeder on

CBS46 Atlanta Anchor Tracye Hutchins recently sampled a Wallop at an event.  She immediately asked to come out to get story behind our new Snack Superhero.  

Tracye and her cameraman suited up and headed into the High Road factory to learn how our Wallops are made.  They are the latest in our handcrafted, small-batch ice cream tradition. A ball of ice cream surrounded by cookie dough and enrobed in a chocolate shell. They are simply delicious.

Tracye and the entire on-air team at CBS46 gave the Wallop a thumbs up.  We're excited to see our little Wallop of Flavor getting so much love and attention. It's been a really fun project and we can't wait to see where this little Snack Superhero goes next!  

Click this link to watch the story on the CBS46 website.