Stock up: Celebrate Fourth of July with cookies and churros

Stuffed cookie dough from High Road. Delicious cookies that bake up with a surprise in the middle? Count us in.

2021 Consumer Products & Services Companies to Watch from The Startup Weekly

The Startup Weekly is excited to present its 2021 Consumer Products & Services Companies to Watch. Awardees were selected from a pool of both (i) applications received and (ii) companies shortlisted by The Startup Weekly editorial board.

High Road Takes Home Two SOFI™ Awards!

Stuffed Cookie Dough was one of 130 winners selected from nearly 1,500 entries across 49 product categories. Products are judged in an anonymous sampling for taste – including flavor, appearance, texture and aroma – ingredient quality, and innovation. Silver sofi™ winner, Strawberry and Espelette Swirl ice cream, is a new flavor innovation that swirls strawberry ice cream with sweet cream and Espelette pepper for a flavor experience like no other. The sofi judging was held at the prestigious Rutgers Food Innovation Center in April following strict safety guidelines.

ACG Atlanta Announces 40 Fastest-Growing Companies in Georgia

The Atlanta National Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth® (ACG), a global professional organization with the mission of Driving Middle Market Growth®, today announced the 2021 Georgia Fast 40, recognizing the top 40 fastest-growing middle market companies in Georgia. High Road Craft Ice Cream is honored to be on the list for a second consecutive year.

Keep the ice cream category growing

By following certain trends, ice cream and frozen novelty manufacturers could help sustain the huge retail sales bump they achieved during the coronavirus pandemic.

High Road Ventures Beyond Ice Cream

When Pastry Chef Rebecca Haynes walked by her boss’s office one morning about a year ago, instead of exchanging “good mornings,” he said two words: “stuffed cookies.” After fueling up on coffee, Ms. Haynes sat down with Keith Schroeder, co-founder, chief executive officer and chef of High Road Craft Ice Cream, Marietta, Ga., to brainstorm the concept.

Marietta-based High Road Craft acquires Wisconsin plant

The manufacturer expects the former Three Twins Organic Ice Cream plan to double its packaged ice cream capacity.

Ranking 9 of the Best Vanilla Ice Cream Brands

Some people say vanilla is boring…but we say it’s understated and underrated. (Chic.) To prove our point, we did what any sane person would and set out to find the absolute best vanilla ice cream on the market. (It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.) After painstakingly tasting nine pints, we’re relieved to say we not only made it out alive but also landed on the following ranking.

Painful talks on race sometimes good for business, company finds

As thousands of Americans took to the streets in May to protest racial injustice, Courtney Raines met with Keith Schroeder, the CEO and founder of High Road Craft ice cream, and urged him to do something.

National Ice Cream Day 2020: Where to Get the Best Freebies and Deals

Even though there are tons of chains with great offers this holiday, it’s important to remember your favorite locally-owned and operated stores as well. They might have promotions you’re not aware of or could be producing special flavors for the weekend.

Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese

Based in Marietta, Georgia just outside of Atlanta, High Road Craft Ice Cream is making one of the more compelling and adventurous cheesy ice creams available to ship nationally. With 16 percent butterfat, the Blueberry Ricotta is thicker than nearly anything else at its price point. But the lightness of the fresh ricotta and the wild blueberry jam that’s crafted in-house turn this pint into a weightless delight.

Georgia Honors State’s 2020 ‘Small Business ROCK STARS

As a small business owner for over 30 years, I know the immense sacrifice, dedication, and resilience it takes just to get started,” said Governor Brian P. Kemp. “I will continue to do everything I can to support Georgia’s entrepreneurs, and would like to thank each of our 2020 Small Business ROCK STARS for taking risks and creating jobs and opportunities for hardworking Georgians across our state.

After business reopenings, High Road opts to become a ‘fortress’

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is tracking what happens to one local business during the coronavirus pandemic. The AJC is focusing on High Road, a Marietta-based ice cream manufacturer. This is the third installment of an occasional series.

Working from home blurs lines between job, family

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is tracking what happens to one local business during the coronavirus pandemic. The AJC is focusing on High Road, a Marietta-based ice cream manufacturer. This is the second installment of an occasional series.

High Road Responds to Pandemic with Planning and Clear Will to Survive

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is tracking what happens to one local business during the coronavirus pandemic. The paper is focusing on High Road, a Marietta based ice cream manufacturer. This is the first of an occasional series.

We Blind Taste-Tested 15 Vanilla Ice Creams

Not all vanilla ice creams are created equal. SAVEUR’s editors licked their way through 15 to discover the top scoops.
Woah! High Road Brownie Stuffed Cookie Dough is a @progressive_grocer Editors’ Choice! See what the hubbub is about!
Made with real ingredients in the hands of real chefs, High Road is a Valued Brand—not a value brand. When it comes to ice cream, which do you value more?
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High Road is made by chefs, which means it’s always menu ready. Looking to add something sweet and delicious to your menu but don’t have the time to really invest? We pair with chefs across the country to deliver that perfect end-cap to a great culinary experience. Send us a DM!
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High Road was made from scratch—just like our products. So, we celebrate those driven to create something from scratch, too. What are you working on right now (it’s OK to say a bowl of ice cream)?

Whether we’re making ingredients, opportunities, friendships or ice cream, we’re always striving to make a positive impact on those around us. And sometimes we’re just making ourselves happy with a bite of ice cream.
High Road co-workers proudly call 20 different countries around the world home, and together, we make one awesome community. Get to know us! Hit the link in our bio.
Our favorite summer mashup is two butter-rich cookies and one giant scoop of ice cream. 
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When you indulge, don’t do half-measures. Tanzanian vanilla. French-style custard. A pinch of salt to make it hum. Scoop into the irresistible Vanilla Fleur de Sel. 
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Brownies or Cookies? Both! Enjoy the best of both worlds with High Road Brownie Stuffed Cookie Dough.
The candied pecans. The caramel drizzle. The BOURBON. We get buzzed on joy just thinking about the deliciousness of High Road Ice Cream lovingly dolloped on top of the Fried Apple Bread Pudding at @eatatseed in East Cobb. 
If you're a restaurant looking to pair our ice cream with your culinary creations, drop us a message!
High Road Craft is extremely proud to announce that we have made the prestigious @incmagazine Inc. 5000 list for the 6th year in a row! #inc5000
Whether you’re toasting with friends or by yourself, we’ve got the perfect pint for you: Toffee Toasted Almond Ice Cream. Our chefs start with an almond ice cream and dive straight into cracked, sugar-roasted almonds. They add in handcrafted brown butter toffee. It’s rich, buttery, crunchy, and worth every bite. Dig into a pint of High Road Toffee Toasted Almond Ice Cream.