Our Inspiration

Pulquería experience in Mexico City. Pulquería Las Duelistas

Have you ever been to that magical place called Pulquería? Pulquerías are perfect to delight yourself with this ancient beverage made from the agave plant, which now is served in a wide range of flavors from natural to guava, tamarind, wine, among many others. Pulquerías are also the perfect place to go when you want to feel company and experience some warmth in your body, heart, and soul. The large tables where you sit next to a complete stranger allows you to share from a different perspective, to open your mind and embrace others as well, from a very human side…at the end, you’ll and become friends with everybody no matter their background or lifestyle. You’ll really make human connections at a glance and have tons of fun. Awesome warm vibe in a magical place, just check it out!
Scoop dad a bourbon.
Welcome to the High Road Craft Ice Cream. 
From the culinary ingredients in our recipes to the quality folks in our community, we champion what’s good.
Caramel and peanuts and chocolate chunks - oh yes! 
Skip the single candy bars and grab a pint instead.
Our friends at @oldvinings understand the science of balancing flavors, and showcase it beautifully with our Vanilla Fleur de Sel and warm apple cobbler.
Find us at the Teet.
Our ice cream sandwiches are now available at @harristeeter #TheTeet
It's called balance. 
Pretty sure some doctor out there will completely agree with us. So enjoy that pint and then enjoy that walk later. #balance
Gather 'round, foodies.
@heladoslaneta shares real, authentic Mexican food with the world. It's full of flavor. It's full of soul. It's a pint full of vibrant love. Make this a new staple in your freezer and find it at @vallarta.supermarkets
Call us makers. Call us chefs. Call us mad scientists. As long as you know we are real people who make the ice cream you've come to love, then you can call us day or night (we'll be the pint in the freezer) and here's our number: (678)701-7623
It takes a village to fill this pint.
So yeah, there's a village of baked goods & creaminess that fills this ice cream, but we're talking about the team behind every pint and every product that High Road produces. We are real people making some real good craft ice cream.  #HighRoadFamily
Catch us at the @farmhausburger with a burger in one and and a High Road Ice Cream Sandwich in the other! #augustageorgia
The real scoop behind High Road Mint Bites?
Real @seelymint ice cream in the center. 
Real chocolate cookie dough (often mistaken for fudge brownie batter, and you know what, we don't mind that one bit).
Dipped in a crisp chocolate shell. For real.
Oh, we see you @valenza_restaurant. We saw that olive oil drizzle. We see that extra touch of basil. We see you Chef @mattswickerath, upping that High Road Craft game on the dessert menu. And we like what we see (and taste!).
I stuff, you stuff, we stuff. We stuffed brownie in the cookie. You stuff the cookie in your mouth. It's all the goodness and happiness (and stuff). 
The Sofi Awards from @specialtyfoodassociation are the Oscars of specialty food. This year High Road won "Best New Product" for our Stuffed Cookie Dough!