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With High Road Craft, Helados La Neta, and Ciao Bella Gelato, there’s a scoop perfect for every customer. 

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Made with real ingredients in the hands of real chefs, High Road is a Valued Brand—not a value brand. When it comes to ice cream, which do you value more?
A space for everyone. A thrill for indulgence. An ice cream company that supports both. That’s how you throw a rad #icecreamsocial.
High Road is made by chefs, which means it’s always menu ready. Looking to add something sweet and delicious to your menu but don’t have the time to really invest? We pair with chefs across the country to deliver that perfect end-cap to a great culinary experience. Send us a DM!
Whether you’re a Best Mint Chip Monday or a Stuffed Cookie Dough Friday kind of person, we’ve got you covered every time. Stock up on ALL of our products at your neighborhood @wholefoods
Mental Health Check! When was the last time you did something for yourself? Find time today to hit pause, pick up something that makes you smile, and have a moment of your own. Find some High Road today at the link in our bio.
#mentalhealth #eaticecream
High Road was made from scratch—just like our products. So, we celebrate those driven to create something from scratch, too. What are you working on right now (it’s OK to say a bowl of ice cream)?

Whether we’re making ingredients, opportunities, friendships or ice cream, we’re always striving to make a positive impact on those around us. And sometimes we’re just making ourselves happy with a bite of ice cream.
High Road co-workers proudly call 20 different countries around the world home, and together, we make one awesome community. Get to know us! Hit the link in our bio.
Our favorite summer mashup is two butter-rich cookies and one giant scoop of ice cream. 
Snag some High Road Ice Cream Sandwiches at @HarrisTeeter, or scoop some up with an online order at the High Road store.
When you indulge, don’t do half-measures. Tanzanian vanilla. French-style custard. A pinch of salt to make it hum. Scoop into the irresistible Vanilla Fleur de Sel. 
Find it at your local @WholeFoods Market South Region.
Brownies or Cookies? Both! Enjoy the best of both worlds with High Road Brownie Stuffed Cookie Dough.
The candied pecans. The caramel drizzle. The BOURBON. We get buzzed on joy just thinking about the deliciousness of High Road Ice Cream lovingly dolloped on top of the Fried Apple Bread Pudding at @eatatseed in East Cobb. 
If you're a restaurant looking to pair our ice cream with your culinary creations, drop us a message!
High Road Craft is extremely proud to announce that we have made the prestigious @incmagazine Inc. 5000 list for the 6th year in a row! #inc5000
Whether you’re toasting with friends or by yourself, we’ve got the perfect pint for you: Toffee Toasted Almond Ice Cream. Our chefs start with an almond ice cream and dive straight into cracked, sugar-roasted almonds. They add in handcrafted brown butter toffee. It’s rich, buttery, crunchy, and worth every bite. Dig into a pint of High Road Toffee Toasted Almond Ice Cream.
Respect the drip. All ice cream ideas are created, tested and curated in our kitchen. Real chefs making real ice cream.