Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help, and we’re very chatty. If you can’t find your answer here, send us an email or hit us up on our social channels.
Does all of your ice cream contain dairy?

Oh yeah. Big fans of dairy here. We’re proud to use real dairy in all of our ice cream. Our chefs discovered that vat pasteurizing our ice cream mix (cooking it low and slow) creates the most wonderful texture and mouthfeel for ice cream—real dairy ice cream.

Do you use artificial flavors or colors?
No way! We believe good food is soulful, and something can’t be soulful if it’s artificial. We make everything in our products, from the ice cream mix to the cookies, caramel and fruit blends. Keeping it real since 2010.
My grocery store doesn’t carry High Road. What can I do to get them to?

If your local retailer doesn’t currently stock High Road, we’d ask that you first contact the store’s management to see if they’d consider doing so. If you’d like some help, please contact us at our HQ, at 678-701-7623, and we’ll do whatever we can to assist you.

How do I know which flavors I’ll find at my local grocery store?
Great question! The selection will vary from store to store because each one orders our products individually. But we do our best to get all the High Road flavors and products stocked in stores around the country.
Where can I buy High Road?

Broad answer? Select grocery stories and retailers throughout the United States. More specific answer? Check out our Store Locator for a pint near you.

I got an icy pint at my grocery store…why?

First, let us apologize for the sub-par pint you purchased. High Road Craft Ice Cream should never come to you in that condition. It sounds like you may have purchased a pint that was affected by freezer burn. This is a condition that can sometimes occur when ice cream is allowed to melt and then re-freeze again. While we are confident that our ice creams leave our facility perfect condition, occasionally during transport or once inside store freezers (where freezer doors open and close, letting in warm air), this can happen. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please shoot us and email at and let us know. We promise to make it right for you.

Can I tour your factory?
One day! But not today. We are a 7-day production facility and a registered SQF Level III facility, so we don’t have capacity to run tours. We love to stay connected to our community and we do offer classroom visits and ice cream socials. Reach out on our Contact Us page, fill out the form and we’ll get back to you.
Do you make ice cream snacks?

*Puts down ice cream snack to type.* Yes! We make Ice Cream Stuffed Cookie Dough Bites and Ice Cream Sandwiches. You can find them online and at retailers across the nation. Check out our offerings online.

Can you donate to my cause?
We are passionate about community; however High Road receives far more inquiries and requests for donations than we can support. We wish we could say “yes” to all the requests! But unfortunately, it’s just not possible. Feel free to reach out to us and tell us more about your charity/event. We may be able to help.