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At High Road, we pride ourselves in being full service. When you partner with us, you don’t just gain access to a line of thoughtfully-made products.

Our team is here to serve and address your needs with one main focus:

to help you thrill your customers.

Our products are available to culinary and retail professionals in any type of environment.


from restaurant to hotel or private label brand in retail.  


We are able to customize our flavors and formats to fit your needs.

Culinary Professionals:

Our packaging and serving options were designed specifically with the foodservice environment in mind.  This includes foodservice and retail Grab-N-Go packs of our novelty Sandwiches and Wallops!®.


Our foodservice mixes are available in a range of butterfat levels and styles, including custard, gelato and soft serve. Pans and tubs feature our 16.5% butterfat ice cream in over 50 regularly available flavors.


Our R&D Chefs are well equipped to collaborate with you on any number of flavors to represent your brand, your culture and even your region.  


Our retail packaging for private label brands were designed to maximize your product's appearance on the shelf in both pints and scrounds.  We tailor our private label mixes to meet your on shelf price point while not sacrificing your customer's flavor experience.


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