Here’s the Scoop

We like reading about ice cream while eating it. That’s totally normal, right?
Sure, we like to talk about ourselves at High Road. That’s because we’re proud of our products, our people and the community which we’re a part. So pop open a pint and dig into what’s going on—from hot-take listicles about ice cream to the new partnerships and ingredients we’re all about.
Drooling is totally appropriate right now. 🤤 Cure your craving with deliciousness from the High Road Store. That’s right, we ship. And FAST, too.

Thanks for this amazing ice cream "study" @platinum_chef_bj (we thought we'd share)! 😍
Hey you! Want to be part of our club? There’s only one initiation task. Answer this: As a club member, what flavors would you put in a High Road Ice Cream Sandwich Club Pack? *Hint hint* #staytuned #MakersGonnaMake
Ahem. 😊 🍨
We give a damn about our community and hope you do, too. That’s why High Road co-workers invest in the personal and professional growth of each other. Because thriving co-workers create thriving communities.
Our motto? Makers Gonna Make. We’re not messing around. Even if we’re making a mess baking cookies from scratch so our Ice Cream Sandwiches blow your socks off. It’s what makers do. Use our Store Locator to find some near you.
Maybe you did a lot of heavy lifting this our man Kristian! Raise a pint or two for the weekend and take an ice cream break! #treatyoself
Paul McCartney once sang “Let it B-corp,” and we totally agree. We are ENDLESSLY inspired by our friends at @RepúblicaDelCacao, a B-Corp chocolate producer who is inspiring us to go on that certification journey. We also made an ice cream flavor with them!
The chefs at @valenza_restaurant in Brookhaven are creative geniuses! We must admit, dessert is worth sticking around for (no matter how much handmade pasta you just ate). #NoJudgementHere #EatDessert #MakersGonnaMake
Have you ever tasted real ice cream? Like really tasted it? At High Road, we use 16% butterfat in our ice cream, because if you’re going to eat ice cream, you should eat the real thing. 

Find some near you with our handy-dandy Store Locator on our website.
Back in the day, we called this Brown Butter Praline. We changed things up with the name, and still, honor the same great stuff inside the pint. 

Pick some up at @wholefoods near you. #MakersGonnaMake
A la mode much? Studies show that adding a scoop of ice cream to your dessert exponentially improves your life. (We totally made that up, but we deeply feel the feels when we add a scoop). Do it!
High Road has been 11 years in the making, and still going STRONG! To celebrate our birthday, stay tuned for your chance to WIN some AMAZING PRIZE PACKS all month long!

#MakersGonnaMake @#itsOURBirthday
Like our Ice Cream Stuffed Cookie Dough Bites? 

Wait 'til you get your tastebuds of this innovation. We asked ourselves, "Selves, how about taking that brown butter caramel you make and replacing the cookie dough?" Internally, we think it is a solid idea. Thoughts?
This ditty was a new flavor for 2021 because the world needs a little extra TLC. Handmade brownies and cookie chunks with our brown butter caramel. Pick it up at your local @WholeFoods in the South region - or on from our online store to your door.
We’re the best kind of partners! We overshare: Foodservice, recipes, the last bite of ice cream (just kidding on that one). If you’re a chef looking to add something sweet to your recipes or menus, we’re chefs, too! Send us a DM!