For Pros

High Road started as a chef-run company making frozen desserts for chefs. It’s still our primary business. We are experienced, passionate chefs focused on delivering full flavor, luscious texture, and high quality in everything we make.

We produce ice creams, sorbets, gelati, and bag-in-box mixes for restaurants, hotels, resorts, in-flight service, college and corporate cafeterias, scoop shops, private label for grocery stores, and other food service applications.

Choose from our flavors. High Road can help you give your customers a satisfying, memorable finish to a meal. We design flavors to serve as stand-alone desserts, as well as flavors meant to complement tarts, cakes, and other dessert menu items.

Our food service flavor list includes items not available for retail, so you can give your customers a unique experience. 

High Road has a staff of experienced chefs, a fully-outfitted kitchen, and the capability to create ice cream and novelty items. We’re happy to collaborate with you to design a single flavor or an entire line of flavors that express your vision.

Sell High Road Craft Ice Cream in your shop. Our Proud to Scoop program offers crowd-pleasing flavors everyone loves and innovative flavors for your adventure-seeking customers. Buy our ready-to-scoop ice creams and sorbet, our soft serve mixes (which make great shakes), or use our bag-in-box mix to make your own ice cream, gelati, and sorbet. 

We also provide in-store marketing materials to help boost your sales.