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Keith and Nicki Schroeder, Founders, High Road Craft Ice Cream

Back in 2010, we had an idea: start an ice cream company to help make the lives of chefs easier. As veterans of the foodservice industry, we knew that meant a few things – creating a product that was of the utmost integrity, focusing relentlessly on our ingredients and culinary approach, honoring classic flavors while being inspired by cultures and cuisines from around the world, and being a reliable partner and resource to fellow food professionals.

Eight years later, our commitment remains the same, but our business has evolved.

Today, you can find High Road in restaurants, grocery stores and online merchants across the country. We have strong partnerships with food distributors, chefs and retail brokers who support our brand. We love interacting with customers who want to join us on our culinary adventures. And in 2018, we are excited to be available to grocery shoppers in groceries in over 30 states across the country and available to chefs in all 50 states via ChefEx, Supplies on the Fly and US Food Innovations. Exciting times ahead.

But we are humbled by our progress.

We are grateful to have a safe work environment for people to learn and advance their careers. We are grateful to be a place where ideas thrive and merit rules. We are grateful to encourage free thinking and be a platform for people to contribute. We are grateful to be a lab, playground, studio or canvas to our team, our partners and our customers. We are grateful to be able to push each other to be better, never compromising on our values and mission.

We staunchly believe business exists to support many, not just a few. It should lift people up and help them realize their dreams, not stifle their opportunities and potential. The chance to bring that belief to life every day is the reason why we are here. And for that, again, we are grateful.

Feel inspired? We hope so. We have a vision for a world that thrives on connection.
Lucky for us, ice cream exists first and foremost to bring people together.

We’re look forward to serving you.