2019...the year of the #snacksuperhero

We've got the super secret Wallop-O-Matic running fired up and running on all cylinders. Wallops! are getting fitted into their chocolate super suits and carefully packed into their modular containment systems.

Wallops! mobiles, disguised cleverly as regular delivery trucks, may appear anywhere.... anytime...just when you least expect it...WALLOPS!

Ice Cream.

Cookie Dough.

Chocolate Shell.

You don't have to be the sidekick any longer. Be the #SnackSuperHero.


"Ice cream wrapped in cookie dough dipped in chocolate. This is what dreams are made of."


"Need to get WALLOPED."


"@highroadcraft is in the top three best ice creams IMO so of course when they put strawberry ice cream inside of peanut butter cookie dough and call it a #wallop it is going to be DELISH"