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Our ice cream is handcrafted, produced in small batches and made with a strong commitment to quality. We pride ourselves in a methodical approach to ice cream manufacturing - from the processes we employ to the ingredients and inclusions we use.

A quick food-science lesson on our ice cream:

Our ice cream mix is vat pasteurized, an old-world, low-and-slow French process based on the pastry foundation, Crème Anglaise. Once made, our ice cream is homogenized, which helps to distribute the mix evenly and creates consistency. Our mix is aged for 24-hours under refrigeration, which allows the proteins and fats to settle and increases the viscosity. We use an industry-leading amount of egg yolks, fresh milk and fresh cream to yield a decadent, silky, rich-in-body ice cream.

The inclusions (that stuff that’s in our ice cream):

We make everything that goes into our ice cream – like kettle cooked caramel, butter shortbread, cookie dough, marshmallows, macaroons and praline pecans. Everything is clean label and all our ingredients are thoughtfully sourced. Our goal is to make real ice cream, and to do that, you have to use real food.