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Whole Foods Market Takes The High Road

High Road Craft Brands Helps Create A New In-Store, Ice Cream Experience.

July 30, 2019: Whole Foods Market has updated their frozen treats counter in the Midwest region with handcrafted ice cream, sorbets and novelties from High Road Craft Brands. It has taken roughly one year from initial meeting to store rollout. High Road initially shipped over 6,500 cases of ice cream, sorbet, ice cream sandwiches and Wallops into two different warehouses for the 36 stores covering 8 states. 

Full stories in the Press Release and White Papers linked below. 
Hand-Crafted, Made By Chefs video showcases how the products are made, video downloadable at link below.
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PRESS RELEASE available here 
WHITE PAPER available here 
HAND-CRAFTED, MADE BY CHEFS:  Watch and download the video here.