The ice cream sandwich is an American-icon, albeit one with simple roots.

Our pastry chefs formulated cookies that could have easily stood alone, but wisely paired them into some of the most flavor-forward ice cream products on the market. Piloted in 2018, and launched as a line-up in 2019, High Road ice cream sandwiches are unmatched in quality, flavor, and value.

Our Ice Cream Sandwich Line-up:
• Peanut Butter Cookies with Super Chocolate Ice Cream
• Chocolate Chip Cookies with Malt Ice Cream
• Hazelnut Cookies with Espresso Ice Cream
• Sugar Cookies with Red Berries Ice Cream
• Chocolate Cookies with Fresh Mint Ice Cream
• Oatmeal Cookies with Cinnamon Ice Cream
• Brown Butter Cookies with Bourbon Burnt Sugar Ice Cream

Lovehandles just got a little sexier.