A Local Pickup Shipping Fee?

Yeah we know what you're thinking. "I'm coming to the factory so I DON'T have to pay a shipping fee. What gives?!?"

One of our Core Values is Uncompromising. We apply that value to everything we do including how we deliver our products to you.

See we know Atlanta area traffic where your 20 minute drive turns into a 2 hour marathon because.... well really anything around here.

In the past you could bring a cooler with a few ice blocks and be on your way. If that ice cream stays in the cooler for any length of time it's going to start melting and compromise the flavor and texture we work so hard to create.

Ryan packing an order in our warehouse.

Now your Local Pickup is packaged exactly the same way as any product we ship. Styrofoam cooler, product on the bottom, wrapped in paper to fill in the gaps, plenty of dry ice, more packing paper to fill the top, then sealed inside a standard shipping box. We can keep your product perfectly frozen for up to 48 hours using this packing method.

No stress, no worries, take your time getting home. Go out shopping, head to the theater or go out to dinner. Your ice cream, gelato, sorbetto, Wallops!® and sandwiches will be just fine.

We will not compromise the products we've worked so hard to create and that you've entrusted with your purchase.

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