Ah, I'm Stuffed.

Yes, that’s right. Stuffed Cookies are coming to you from an ice cream company. Of course it makes sense. Our chefs are meticulous about everything that goes into our inclusions (the cookies, cakes, nuts and fruits) for our ice cream, so why not take those things directly to our consumers? Go on, skip the ice cream if you want. Chef Rebecca toiled over these for months to get them right. She knew folks would go wild for fresh, out-of-the-oven cookies stuffed with gooey brownie batter - but they’d love it even more if they didn’t have to do the work! So that was our goal here…to make YOU look like picky pastry chefs. We think we nailed it. We hope you think so too.

We released 2 flavors online: Peanut Butter Cookie stuffed with Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie stuffed with Brownie. They come 9 to a pack, and all you have to do is turn on your oven and maybe practice some self-control...but maybe not.

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