Bring Your Own Coolers Option for Local Pickup

By popular demand we have added the option to bring your own coolers for factory pickup orders from our online store.

We'll supply dry ice to ensure that your purchases stay completely frozen on the way home. Dry Ice temperature is extremely cold at -109.3°F or -78.5°C so it must be handled with care.

Never directly touch the dry ice with bare hands. Always use a glove, tongs or heavy cloth when picking up or handling the dry ice.

Dry ice is essentially frozen Carbon Dioxide and precautions need to be taken when driving. The sublimated Carbon Dioxide gas will sink to low areas and replace oxygenated air. This could cause suffocation if breathed exclusively.

Your personal cooler should be able to seal well.

The cooler should be placed in the trunk of the car for the drive.

Your car windows should be opened a bit to allow fresh air flow through the car.

When you get home allow the dry ice to dissipate by placing the cooler outside, out of reach of children and animals. Open the top and leave outside until the dry ice dissipates.

Dry ice blocks on top of the product.

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