Make Chester the Turkey Wallop!

Wallops are the snack superhero, but how can you make them even better for the Holidays?

How about turning him into Chester the Turkey?

You can amaze your friends, family, children and bosses with this one of a kind, you make it Wallop Turkey! We call him Chester.

He's chocolate. He's ice cream. He's cookie dough. He's icing. He's delicious. What more could you ask for?

Have fun making this awesome treat with the family and reap the accolades when you bring little Chester out for dessert.

The items Kade uses in this video include:

High Road Craft Wallops! (we have four flavors)

Chocolate Coins

Chocolate Frosting


Reeses Pieces

Various cookie icing, white, red and yellow.


Kade also used a cooler with dry ice to help keep the Wallops really cold so the chocolate doesn't melt as you work with it. That also helps to make things freeze faster.

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