Take The High Road Tour: Chicago Whole Foods Market Ice Cream Experience!

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Take The High Road Tour comes to Chicago to check out the Whole Foods Market new Frozen Treats counter featuring High Road Sandwiches, Wallops and Scoopables.

A year in the making, the High Road team has been working with Whole Foods Market's Amy Donati to completely relaunch the ice cream experience in 36 stores across 8 states. Nicki Schroeder and Walter Biscardi Jr. flew in to Chicago to check out the final reveal and of course, some food and culture that this incredible city has to offer.

From the Riverwalk to Lakeview, from digital facelifts to kayaking with wine, Nicki and Walter hit it all in 24 hours.

Chicago, you're one heckuva beautiful town!

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