Take The High Road Tour: Meow Wolf and Love Is Love

#TakeTheHighRoadTour discovers the truly fascinating and incredible artistic world that is Meow Wolf in Santa Fe. Then we travel down Route 66 (a little) to surround ourselves with love at the Albuquerque Pride Fest

High Road Community Manager, Kade, said we absolutely positively could not leave Santa Fe without checking out Meow Wolf. There's honestly no way to describe it. It's an art installation that brings you the unexpected at every turn. Nothing makes sense yet it all makes perfect sense. There's nothing to do but take it in and enjoy.

In Albuquerque we made some new friends as we spread the word on the High Road. We firmly believe in equality for all and that love is love. Find the one you love and keep them close.

Nicki Schroeder and Walter Biscardi, Jr. continue their barnstorming Take The High Road Tour in New Mexico and bring you along for the ride as we meet our new neighbors. We're making the High Road just a little longer, one state at a time.

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