Take The High Road Tour: New Mexico and Michigan Highlights

There's no better way to meet the people you serve than to get out on the road. Real, face to face social media.

Nicki Schroeder and Walter Biscardi, Jr. spent 6 days traveling all over New Mexico and Michigan to explore the communities and meet our new neighbors as the High Road expands through Walmart.

We discovered so many great places to eat, so many fun things to do and most of all, met so many wonderfully warm and open people. We're so proud to be part of an expanded community and to share in your joy and celebration of life.

Just a few of the highlights of the trip are presented below, much more content coming over the next few weeks. We thank everyone who joined us on the High Road and look forward to meeting more of you soon in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas!

Shoutout to Kade Martin and Sandra Gurley for their incredible work behind the scenes to make the tour work so well.


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