Take The High Road Tour: Santa Fe Fire Station No. 7

Nicki Schroeder comes from a family of firefighters so whenever we're on the road, she likes to meet up and say hello to the locals.

#TakeTheHighRoadTour stopped by Fire Station No. 7 in Santa Fe, New Mexico to drop off some ice cream and give our thanks for everything they do. They not only welcomed us with open arms, but invited us to stay for dinner and gave us a tour of the ambulances and Ladder Truck No. 7.

We're incredibly proud that the work of our team here in Marietta, Georgia is spreading out to more communities like Santa Fe and all of New Mexico through our partnership with Walmart.

We'll be sharing more stories over the coming weeks as we Take The High Road to meet as many of our new neighbors as we can. One thing was constant in our travels, warmth and laughter. We are all so much more alike than we are different.

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