The Daily 002: Kade and Community Events

The Daily:

Say hello to Kade Martin. The MacGyver of High Road who knows where to find just about anything in the facility.

A photographer and journalist by training, Kade is an incredible multitasker who is responsible for ensuring all community events and tradeshows go off without a hitch. On any given day Kade is packing, loading, unloading, working with the sales team, scooping and handing out Wallops and it's exhausting just typing this out. Kade's also a well-travelled brand ambassador who is very often representing and scooping High Road for your enjoyment.

Be sure to say hello when you see Kade out and about and ask about playing guitar on stage for thousands of people. Great story!

Today Kade shows us a little of what goes into prepping for a week's worth of events.

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