The Daily 004: Keith, Christian and High Road Pro

The Daily:

Every great story has a beginning.

For High Road, that story starts with Chef Keith Schroeder. A classically trained chef and who also holds a Masters in Business Administration, Keith's journey to the High Road was borne out of his desire to bring quality to a market that he felt was vastly underserved. Food service ice cream.

Along the way he developed a legion of fans who recognized his dedication to not only creating great flavors, but his tireless efforts to seek out the best ingredients, no matter where on this planet they originate. Before long, retailers were calling and The High Road Craft Brands were rolling nationwide.

Chef Christian Rodriguez is the Ringmaster for High Road's operations today. His tireless efforts to meet quality and product demands means you can enjoy the incredible High Road and Ciao Bella flavors at home. A classically trained chef, he's proof that it's not just a slogan, our products are Made By Chefs.

What started out as a conversation on how High Road started and the company philosophy turned unexpectedly to a sneak peek at a new High Road lined aimed at the chef and professional market.

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