The Daily 019: I'm With The Band, Feeding Carlos Santana

The Daily: Let's go feed Carlos Santana and the band on the Supernatural Tour. You don't have to ask us twice!

Today we go for a ride with Sawyer Williamson of Willamson Brothers BBQ who was called upon to deliver some soul food to Carlos and the band at Ameris Bank Amphitheatre. Of course we had to contribute some of our amazing High Road ice cream (Bourbon Burnt Sugar anyone?) and Ciao Bella Sorbet.

We have a long friendship with Williamson Bros. BBQ and love the opportunity to tag team with them on events. They feed thousands of people on regular basis at events like the Sweetwater 420 music festival in downtown Atlanta. In fact it was that very festival that led to the last minute call to bring out dinner to Carlos and the band. Sawyer and his team knocked it out of the park for Widespread Panic at Sweetwater 420 so naturally, the stage manager called on Williamson to deliver again.

Fun ride and we're looking forward to helping out Sawyer on future trips. It's fun to say "we're with the band."

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