The Daily 023: Ecuador 4:30am, Time to Milk The Cows.

The Daily:

It's 4:30am, that's early. Way too early for Keith.

But he and Christian are on a mission and they're armed with iPhones.

They're in Cayambe, Ecuador as they continue their exploration of chocolate through the people and communities who make the incredible Republica Del Cacao chocolate. They were honored to visit a dairy farm in a region where over 1200 families are supported through dairy farming. These naturally grass fed cows provide the milk that becomes white chocolate.

Walking through these fields, seeing the farms, meeting the farmers and experiencing where our ingredients come from, first-hand, is the only way to truly appreciate the love and care these people provide. It's also hard not to fall in love with baby calfs.

We sincerely hope Keith's not serious and sticks with the ice cream company. We can set up a small farm behind the factory so he can bring his little friend home if that helps.

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