When we’re not geeking out over ingredients in the kitchen, there’s a good chance we’re doing it on a farm, in a coffee-roaster or—most often—in traffic when we should be paying attention to the road. What can we say? Good stuff is always on the mind.

That’s both the gift and curse of being obsessed with new flavor experiences—the ones that scratch the kind of itch only a few of life’s really good indulgences can reach.

Mint, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, berries. We’re intrepid culinary chefs in search of the finest ingredients to put in our pints for your pleasure—and ours.



    Our Pints

    LIFE IS SHORT. IF YOU ARE GOING TO EAT ICE CREAM…EAT REAL ICE CREAM! 16% butterfat. Award-winning. All-natural ingredients and real dairy. We make everything in-house – caramel, cookies, brownies, candied nuts, and jammy fruit in our kitchen by our team of culinary pros who are passionate about creating mind-blowing experiences. See if you can get our pints in a retailer near you or Shop Online and have them shipped to your doorstep.

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    With 16% butterfat ice cream, these are perhaps the most indulgent ice cream sandwich on the market. Try them for yourself, because we hate to say “we told you so.”

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    Ice cream wrapped in handcrafted cookie dough and enrobed in chocolate. Bite-size, shareable, and we’ve made them into a 110 calorie or less indulgent snack. 4 Flavors. Boom!

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    Snack like it matters. We made 2 of our favorite doughs and magically rolled them together into one tasty treat! All-butter cookie on the outside with warm, gooey brownie on the inside. New to your refrigerator shelves…and your mouth!

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    5 Liter Pans

    If you are a chef, this is your secret weapon. This durable 5-liter pan was designed for the rigors of the commercial kitchen. With over 50 flavors, chances are pretty good that we’ve got one that will suit you and your guests. Our 5-liter pan will yield about 56 – 3oz. scoops.

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    3 Gallon Tubs

    Another pack that is built for the chefs in our lives. We’ve heard the up-cycled stories of how well these tubs work for storage once the ice cream has gone. With over 50 flavors, chances are pretty good that we’ve got one that will suit you and your guests. Our 3-gallon tub will yield about 128 – 3oz. scoops.

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    Bag-in-box mixes

    We’ve been told that real-deal soft serve is hard to find, so we fixed that. We formulate mixes for soft serve, shakes, gelato, and custard. We offer Sweet Cream, Vanilla, Chocolate and yes, we do custom flavors too! Our 2 – 5L bag in box pack will yield about 112 – 3oz. servings.

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While crafting our BEST MINT CHIP, we searched high and wide for the perfect mint, and then we visited Seely Farm, a 4th-generation mint farm that’s operated in Washington State since the 1940s. MIND. BLOWN. Paired with our silky chocolate, this flavor combination makes us weak in the knees.
“Not only is the flavor mind-blowing, the Seely family is a gem in the grower/producer community. This partnership brings out the best in all of us.”


Coffee and chocolate hang out on the same spiritual plane, just like HIGH ROAD and JITTERY JOE’S, the Athens-roaster where we source beans for this buzzed-out flavor. Those mindfully-sourced beans are cracked and steeped right into cream because we’re gluttons for coffee and ice cream. With additions of rich ganache, we’re happy to swap out our morning mug for a pint of ROASTED COFFEE & CHOCOLATE any day of the week.
“Nutty, chocolatey, bitter, sweet, milky—sometimes I feel like this flavor is one of the few things that actually understands me.”


Known as the pepper that gives Basque cuisine its kick, the Espelette is grown in the small French commune of Espelette, Pyrénées-Atlantiques. With its flavorful nuance and subtle heat, this chili is a chef’s dream. For STRAWBERRY & ESPELETTE SWIRL, we mixed the peppers with ripe berries to create an experience that tiptoes over the line and into the wild side.
“Strawberry & Espelette Swirl is somewhere between heavenly and devilish, and I’m a devout follower of wherever that is.”


We celebrate and champion our friends. That’s why OUR FRIEND’S CHOCOLATE is a salute to our buddies at República Del Cacao, a Certified B-Corp that specializes in Latin American chocolates. We were so blown away by the chocolate they suggested for this ice cream, we decided to let it shine on its own—hence the name!
“I like to give this one to people who think straight-chocolate ice cream is boring. Like, get ready. This chocolate is gonna change your life.”


Almonds were one of the first domesticated fruit trees because they’re that damn delicious. And because we’re hedonists, we sugar-roasted these beauties before mixing them with rich toffee. Sure, almonds have been cultivated since 3,000 B.C., but we think TOFFEE TOASTED ALMOND might be their best use ever.
“The harmony of almond and toffee in each spoonful is like this soothing alchemy that hugs your soul. I can’t not smile while eating it.”
Who’s in charge of packing the sandwiches?
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“I got my peaches out in Georgia.” Biebs said it best but @southernbakedpie baked it better. Paired with our Vanilla Fleur de Sel for the perfect mix. Pick up a pint at their stores!
Let us introduce you to the signature High Road Wave used on our ice cream pans. It’s a talent that’s been perfected with positive vibes, chef’s inspiration, and maybe just a flick of the wrist.
Think you got what it takes? We’re always looking for good people to join the High Road crew. Check out our Careers Page on our website.
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But they also make life worth living.
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Creamy custard + sunny beaches = forever memories, like at The Cottage at @kingandprince resort. The secret to their ultra-smooth custard? It’s a High Road exclusive. As for their sunny beaches, we can’t claim much credit.
Affogatos from our friends at is where the summer smiles are at! A beautiful combination of our creamy ice cream and their joyful sips.
Happy Birthday, 'merica. 
Lifting our cones up to all the different American Dreams and walks of life that make up our High Road family!
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Real bourbon burnt sugar ice cream. There is no imitation anything in our kitchen. 
Have you tried our Bourbon Cherry Chocolate Chunk yet?
You have a passion for the good stuff, and we have the passion to create it. What's your favorite High Road Craft flavor?