Sleigh the Holiday Collection

Grab the holiday by the antlers with 3 new flavors!

You'll get a sneak peek of three of our new flavors for 2021.
With this collection you'll get 2 pints of each flavor (6 pints total)

Toffee Toasted Almond - Chef's Notes: 1. Perfectly balanced almond ice cream. Elegant. 2. Sugar roasted almonds. 3. Toffee that would make the Queen proud.


Strawberries & Espelette - Chef's Notes: 1. This is a memory from a trip to Lyon, France. 2. The strawberry ice cream was deeply fruit-forward. 3. They had a wildly unique espelette pepper ice cream. This is the combo.


Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl - Chef’s Notes: 1. Study Gianduja – nail the balance of hazelnut and ever-so- dark chocolate 2. Keep it simple. 3. Maybe swirl two ice creams. One milkier, one darker.


Ships Monday + Tuesday in time for Christmas!

Sleigh the Holiday Collection



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